Why Should You Work with One World LED USA?

When it comes to selecting an LED manufacturer most people think of hardware components such as diode type/manufacturer, printed circuit board thickness, power supply manufacturer, serviceability, etc. Those are all important aspects of a quality display and are all critical of the display functioning correctly for the life of the display, however, let's take a look at the bigger picture of EMC's or digital displays.

The main reasons that a sign shop should want to work with One World LED USA (OWL) are the following:

  1. OWL has intellectual property (30+ patents in hardware and software)

  2. OWL owns the systems software that drives them

  3. OWL WILL be there to support the sign shop from start to finish

  4. OWL will not compete with the sign shop for their end-user

  5. OWL will help develop and grow the sign shops business

1. Intellectual Property (IP): OWL is and will be transparent with the patents that are associated with our hardware and software. What does this mean for the Sign shop and customer? By purchasing from a manufacturer that owns their IP, this means security not only from potential patent infringement but the most up-to-date software versions and firewalls. To the end-user, this should mean that they are purchasing from a company that does everything from their own research and development to offer cutting-edge solutions such as Adverpost and E2V (See E2V Blog).

2. Systems Software: Adverpost, our patented cloud-based content management software was designed for selling Advertising with little to no human interaction. Knowing that some end-users may not wish to sell ad time to help cover the costs of the display, Adverpost can function as a basic scheduling program for their display. Being a systems software, End-users can use a content creation program of their choice and simply click and drag the content into Adverpost. Currently, Adverpost's firewall designed by OWL in collaboration with ColorLight is being licensed by Amazon Web Services and other major brands, proving that the firewall is a Tier 1 product itself. ColorLight is the industry-leading LED display control system versus the well-known and used Novastar LED display control system which lacks the security of using the ColorLight control system.

3. Support: From the time the Reseller first contacts One World LED with an RFI or RFQ, OWL will work diligently with that Reseller to ensure that all relevant questions are answered from the time of the idea's conception to the sign-offs after installation and Software training if required. OWL offers full engineering and programming once a contract is signed.

4. Not Competition: Unlike some of the other LED manufacturers, OWL is dedicated to "sharing the pie" with its Resellers. If a project is brought to OWL, OWL will not contact the Project Manager or anyone associated with the End-User to try and circumvent the Reseller and cut them out of the process. But, if OWL brings a potential project to one of their Resellers, OWL reserves the right to offer it to a second Reseller to ensure the End-User is getting a fair price.

5. Business Development: At OWL, we understand that not everyone knows the lingo and technology associated with Electronic Messaging Centers (EMCs). Our expertise in Digital displays of EMC's will help you the Reseller and your business develop the necessary training and education to become one of our Resellers. We will do our best to help you develop a plan for selling and the training required for your team to show competence in the EMC sector.


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