Built-in Microwave - M 601


M 601

• Fully Sensor Touch Control
• 9 Auto Menu Function
• Microwave + Grill Function
• Stainless Steel Surface & Glass Door
• Capacity 25L
• Digital Display

  • Specifications

    Rated Voltage 220-240V~
    Rated Frequecy 50Hz
    Rated Power Input (Microwave) 1300W
    Microwave Power Output 800W
    Microwave Frequency 2450MHz
    Rated Power Input (Grill) 950W
    Capacity 25L
    Net Weight 18kg
    Product Size (W x H x D) 592x390x400 (mm)
    Dimensions of the Hole for Semi-Insertion (W x H x D) 560×380×550 (mm)
  • Diagram

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