Indoor Displays


The market and requirements of indoor video display systems continue to evolve. One World designed and manufactured indoor displays have not simply kept up the pace with latest global innovations and technologies, but pioneered them.

LED indoor display designs include but are not limited to;

  • Video Walls

  • Magnetic Displays

  • Curved Displays

  • Transparent Displays

  • Showcases

  • Dance Floors

 Our indoor displays range from extremely low pitch solutions (<1mm), to 6mm pitch. Conventionally, indoor brightness ranges from 1200-2000 nits, depending on the type of diode used. Scalability, brightness, dynamic range and refresh rate are key technical capabilities of LED displays that surpass those of LCD. 

Cost breakdown analysis of One World products will reveal focus on max brightness capabilities, heat production minimization, color reproduction, power efficiency, reliability, longevity and pixel pitch. Our products are the most competitively priced in the country when compared to others of the same quality.

At One World LED we are confident in our products through continued R&D and optimization of our total value proposition. Contact us now for further information.